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Where It All Began

The term Straus coined to describe his often difficult-to-categorize music began as a tongue-in-cheek stab at "our tendency to label everything.  Toxic Jazz seemed pretentious and stupid.  Like all labels. it also described the music, oddly enough. So it was perfect"

Indeed it did.  Wurmhole mixed Industrial noise and grit, hardcore aggression, hip hop cadence, and a loungey, neo-noir atmosphere, achieved by the regular inclusion of smooth bass, piano, and saxaphone.  "My two biggest influences I always joke are Morphine and Ministry.  So my music is the logical conclusion of those ideas.  But then I also love hip hop, so..."

Straus is currently in the lab creating a collaboration based record called "Entries", split into two EP's.  The first is available on all streaming platforms now! 

(512) 917-4021

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